The Counter-Strike community has a history of authoring awesome skins for weapons. It’s time we gave you the chance to get your designs into our official updates, in the form of finishes.

What are finishes? They’re like skins that can be applied to any weapon. Any finish can have a factory new appearance or be well-worn. Each application can be unique.

CS:GO is a realistic game, so we researched real-world finishing techniques. We reproduced spray-painted camouflaging, hydro-dipping, patinas, and more. We also wanted to represent what happens to weapon finishes in the field. Even the most durable finish gets chipped with heavy use, so every finish is available in a variety of states of wear.

Create a finish and apply it to a weapon. Submit your finished weapon to the CS:GO Workshop. Better yet, create a collection of finished weapons. Get enough positive votes from the community and we’ll consider your work for inclusion in an official update.